Smart automation with RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology involving bots, that mimic human actions to complete repetitive tasks. One new to the RPA industry, could think of intelligent humanoid robotic companions, when they hear robotic process automation. However, we may never see physical humanoid robots in white-collar jobs, since knowledge work is becoming ever more digitized. Digital work is making physical bodies redundant, in non-sales positions. RPA bots are digital workers, that are capable of using our keyboards, and mouses, just like we do. And that opens a wide range of possibilities for automation.

Bots built with RPA technology manage perfectly tasks related to:

  • searching and collecting (scrapping) data from different sources ( web pages, social media, IT system & application etc.)
  • entering, processing, and saving data, filling in forms, worksheets, database tables etc.
  • reading, validating, and correcting data recovered from digital picture, and graphic files, scanned documents etc. (OCR technology)
  • dile processing, archiving, saving in required format / version etc.
  • data reconciliation, validation, updating, and transferring between multiple IT systems
  • execution of set of tasks in the process based on given rules, and according to exemption criteria
  • 1

    Proces is very manual built from repetitive tasks

  • 2

    Process is well understood, defined and could be documented

  • 3

    Required data is digital or could be made digital

  • 4

    Decisions are based on given set of rules and parameters