Robotic process automation => Virtual employee at your fingertip

Starting from discovery of wheel, through industrial revolution of XIX century up to the latest discovery of today’s technologies automation have changed the way business was conducted. Those who dared to introduce new automation solutions and transform their businesses were widely awarded and usually frog leaped their competition. In today‚Äôs world availability of modern solutions applicable for business process automation (introduction of virtual employees) seems to be the engine of growth and performance improvement not only for industry giants but also for large and medium scale businesses

For our customer who intend to validate capabilities of robotic process automation information in their business we have prepared a complex set of services grouped in 3 main areas

  • Automation Strategy for companies
  • Business goals for automation
  • Process KPIs
  • Analysis of process for automation
  • BC and ROI analysis
  • Technology selection
  • Change management
  • Digital transformation
  • Feasibility studies and Solution design
  • Robots Design and testing
  • Readiness assessment for solution environment
  • Solution implementation life system
  • Baby sitting after go-live
  • Solution maintenance and support
  • Knowledge transfer and end-user training