Since 2012 we have been passionately developing our service portfolio, around combining potentials of Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence with enormous power of Big Data and Business Analytics. Our team, with over 50 experts, creates the perfect mix of people, with many years of experience, from working for multinational companies worldwide, with youthful passion of discovering, and applying most modern IT technologies in the business world.

CogniBe has been established in 2012. Over the years, with over 90 projects delivered, we have gained extended knowledge in business & IT consulting, related to business process automation, and data analytics.

Our Values:


With passion we create innovative solution for our customers, and partners so they could grow their market position, and develop its business to next level


We believe, that the best foundation for any successful cooperation is mutual trust, and understanding for common goals, and ways to achieve it


Our team is what makes our company special, therefore every day we strive towards building business environment, which combines experience with passion, desire to learn, with perseverance to deliver on made commitments