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There comes a time when execution is more important than theory

Over the years we have learned, that IT projects usually turn to be much more time consuming, more expensive, and internally absorbing, than initially planned. Introducing RPA bots into your business, contradicts very much with well known obstacles of IT projects. Process automation with RPA technology is simple, fast, and does not require excessive efforts from customer side. A typical bot deployment cycle takes between 3-5 weeks, and it pays off after 3-4 months (on average) – all thanks to our well defined deployment methodology.


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Discovery phase

  • Identification of processes and automation areas planned for deployment
  • Detailed process mapping and activity descriptions for selected area, T&M study
  • Review of existing IT environment and selection of automation technology
  • Analysis of potential benefits together with risk analysis and mitigation plan

Deployment phase

  • Readiness assessment for IT production environment, initial training for end users
  • Solution deployment in production
  • Post deployment solution monitoring, solution tuning and optimisation
  • Final acceptance, documentation handover

Introduction phase

  • Introduction to automation and its capabilities
  • Initial analysis of areas / processed for automation potentials
  • Definition of business objectives for planned automation initiatives

Prototyping phase

  • Definition of development and deployment requirements
  • Solution development
  • Solution deployment in test environment
  • Testing against set solution requirements – initial acceptance